Physique Plus Fitness Co-op Inc. is committed to complying with the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service under the The Accessibility for Manitobans Act. Physique Plus Fitness Co-op Inc. has reviewed its policies and measures to ensure these reflect the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity for people with disabilities. If a barrier cannot be removed, we will seek to provide alternate ways to access the good or service, without any additional fees.
The following policy statements meet the requirements of the Customer Service Standard under the Accessibility for Manitoba Act. The organizational practice reflect Physique Plus Fitness Co-op Inc's particular services, programs and facilities.
Communication and Information
Policy Statement: Physique Plus Fitness Co-op Inc. board members will communicate with the people disabled by barriers in ways that take into account the nature of the barrier.
Organizational Practices:
  • Signage or verbal greeting will begin with "How can we help?"
  • If the barrier is unclear, we ask the customer what method of communication works.
  • Paper and pen will be available as well as handheld devices like an iPhone or iPad.
  • Board members and volunteers will exercise patience.
  • Signage and documents will use plain language.
  • All documents will be available in alternate formats, upon request.
Assistive Devices 
Policy Statement: Physique Plus Fitness Co-op Inc. will welcome the use of assistive devices when accessing our facility.
Organizational Practices: 
  • Board members and volunteers will not touch or move assisted devices without customer's permission.
  • In cases where the assistive device presents significant and unavoidable health or safety concerns, we will attempt to use other measures to ensure the person with a disability can access our facility.
Support Persons 
Policy Statement: Physique Plus Fitness Co-op Inc. customers and clients may choose to be accompanied by a support person, who may always remain with the individual. There will be no entrance fee for the support person.
Organizational Practices:
  • There is no extra charge for the support person.
Service Animals 
Policy Statement: Physique Plus Fitness Co-op Inc. supports the right of a customer to be accompanied in pubic places b a service animal that has been trained "to provide assistance to a person with a disability that relates to that person's disability" (Human Rights Code, Manitoba)
Organizational Practices:
  • Board members and volunteers will know how to identify a service animal by its harness or vest and by the assistance the animal is providing.
  • If there are concerns, board members or volunteers may ask whether the animal has been trained to provide assistance related to a disability (Without asking about the disability)
  • The service animal will be treated as a working animal and will not be distracted from his job with petting, feeding or playing, unless given permission to do so.
  • The handler must maintain control of the animal physically or through voice, signal or other means.
  • If the service animal is showing signs of not being controlled; for instance by barking, whining, wandering. The handler will receive a warning to control the animal and that if the misbehavior continues, the customer will be asked to leave.
  • If another law prohibits service animals, we will explain why the animal is excluded and discuss with the customer another way of providing services.
Maintain Barrier Free Access 
Policy Statement: Physique Plus Fitness Co-op Inc. will maintain barrier-free access to our facility and ensure that features that create access (Ramps, accessible washrooms, automatic doors) are available for use as intended.
Organizational Practices:
  • Entranceways will be cleared of snow and ice as soon as possible.
  • There will be room available for walkers, wheelchairs and scooters.